Character Development

Positive Guidance Plus

Our character development approach is called Positive Guidance Plus, and is rooted in reflecting God’s love for children and providing a positive, loving, and nurturing environment. Our goal is to help each child learn to manage his/her own behavior; to guide children towards greater independence, self-reliance; and self-control;
to take ownership of their behavior; to gain skills in participating in activities in a group setting; and to make positive choices.

Developmentally appropriate behaviors are framed in a positive way; we help your child focus
on what he/she should do. Procedures, routines, and appropriate behaviors are taught and modeled, and
re-taught as needed. This encourages your child to decide which positive actions to take.

Positive Guidance Plus is very effective, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, and is a very empowering approach for your child’s character development.


Discipline and Correcting Mistaken Behavior

Positive Guidance Plus places the control and responsibility of following the rules, and implementing the consequences for not following them, in your child’s hands. 

When a child has a lapse in appropriate behavior, our teachers help the child practice self-control, use self-direction, and regain self-respect. This is accomplished using the following steps:

  • At the first infraction, your child is given a verbal warning. The goal and purpose of the warning is to give your child the chance to change his/her behavior. No further action is taken; the teacher simply talks with your child and encourages him/her to follow the rules.
  • At the second infraction, your child spends a period of time sitting quietly in a chair, to give him/her an opportunity to collect himself/herself and make the decision to follow the rules. The amount of time your child sits is determined by your child. When your child feels that he/she has regained control of his/her behavior, he/she can signal the teacher. Our teachers are trained to look for remorse at the negative choice and a sincere, heartfelt desire to make a more positive choice. Your child then has the opportunity to rejoin the class activity.
  • At the third infraction, your child will write a note to you, with the help of his/her teacher. Our students usually know what rule has been broken, so he/she usually can dictate to the teacher what the note to you should say.

Following these steps results in a positive approach whereby children learn to regulate their own behavior.

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