Summer Program

  Summer Program  

We’re pleased to be able to offer a Summer Program! 

Information about the program is provided below, including information on registering your child.

The program is open to children who are ages 3 to 5 (Preschool- PreK, or are entering Kindergarten next Fall). 
Children must be potty trained and self-sufficient in the bathroom

Children who are not current students must be registered at least one week prior to the first session your child is attending.

Registration Fee- $75 (one-time flat fee)
Program Fee- $95 per Session for Half Day 
                      $150 per Session for Full Day 

For questions, please feel free to e-mail send an email to:


Summer Program Information:

Summer Program hours are Half Day (9am-12pm) and Full Day (9am-3pm) on the dates listed below. Children may be dropped off or picked up any time within those hours. Your child must be registered at least one week prior to the first session your child is attending. 

About Our Summer Program:

Activities during our Summer Program will include a combination of-

  • Bible Stories
  • Art
  • Outdoor play
  • Time to socialize
  • Snack time
  • Science activities
  • Social Studies activities
  • Building reading and writing skills
  • Math skills
  • Lunch (for Full Day students)

Summer Program Dates-
  • Session 1: June 19-21
  • Session 2: June 26-28
  • Session 3: July 10-12
  • Session 4: July 17-19
  • Session 5: July 24-27
  • Session 6: July 31 - August 2
Your child must be registered at least one week prior to the first session your child is attending. 

Additional Information:

A light snack will be provided as part of the morning’s activities. Please ensure that your child has a nutritious breakfast before coming to the Program. If your child is staying for lunch, please provide a lunch in a lunch box with a cold pack. 

Clothing & Sunscreen:
Children will have an active morning in our Program! Please ensure they are wearing play clothes. If they are wearing sandals, the sandals must have a back strap; no flip-flops please. Please bring a complete change of clothes each day your child attends.
If you’d like your child to have sunscreen, please apply it home; school staff is not allowed to apply sunscreen. 

Pick up and Drop off:
If your child is not a student or the sibling of a student at Water of Life Lutheran School, the driver’s license of everyone who will be dropping off or picking up your child must be on file with the Front Office. If anyone other than a parent will be picking up or dropping off, these arrangements must be made by a parent before the first day this individual is picking up your child. Your child will not be released to anyone whose driver’s license is not on file with the Front Office.
No exceptions.

Please see information below.

Summer Program Registration- New Students

Your child must be registered at least one week prior to the first session your child is attending. 

To register your child for the Summer Program, please complete the steps below:

Step 1: Complete the Online Registration Form
Step 2: Complete the Tuition Express Application (for your registration fee and for program fees)
Step 3: 
Fill out the New Student Summer Program Registration Packet

Step 4: Provide the school with your child's Immunization Record and Birth Certificate.

All forms may be dropped off at the Front Office or e-mailed to the School Director at

Tours offered daily 8am-4pm. 

Summer Program Registration- Current Students

Current Water of Life Lutheran School students, please complete the Current Student Registration Form. Forms may be  e-mailed to Mrs. Neilsen at or returned to the Front Office.

Summer Program Registration Form- Current Students
Summer Program Registration Form- New Students


If you are registering siblings who are not current students, please complete Steps 1, 3, & 4 above.



Please sign up for all of the weeks you might use the program; you will only be charged for the weeks you actually use
The Summer Program will be billed by the session, and payments will be processed on the Friday of each session. You will only be charged for the sessions your child actually attends. Payments are for the entire session only.

Tution Express information

Tuition Express Application Form